Cayce Transformation

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“Envision Cayce,” a planning process focused on revitalizing Cayce Place, began in March 2013. EJP Consulting Group, MDHA leadership, community partners and Cayce residents were engaged in a series of meetings to create a master plan for Nashville’s largest subsidized housing property, which is located on 63 acres in East Nashville. Focus groups, surveys and community meetings were held with residents as well as the broader public to ensure that the plan reflected the needs of the community. Master planning concluded in July 2014 with a meeting comprised of Cayce Place residents and community members.

A mixed-income, mixed-use community, the Envision Cayce Master Plan calls for 2,390 units and ensures a one-for-one replacement of existing affordable units, while adding new affordable, workforce and market-rate housing. Envision Cayce outlines the demolition of the properties’ aging structures built between 1941 and 1954.

The Plan also calls for several acres of active green space and amenities the community desired such as a new health center, pharmacy, grocery, school, library and retailers.

Construction of the multi-million dollar project will have a great economic impact on Nashville’s economy. MDHA’s Section 3 plan guarantees that at least 30 percent of new jobs created through commercial and intuitional occupants are filled by Section 3 eligible individuals.

Important Updates Since Master Planning Concluded in 2014

In December 2014, MDHA acquired CWA Plaza Apartments, a community of HUD-subsidized Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) units. The 254 apartments sit on 17.7 acres near Cayce Place.

MDHA began construction on the first new residential building for Envision Cayce in October 2015. The four-story, 70 one-bedroom unit development, known as Barrett Manor, was built on vacant land at Cayce. Current Cayce Place residents began moving into the new building in August 2017.

Staff from Smith Gee Studio unveiled the final designs for Kirkpatrick Park at the Jan. 26, 2017, Envision Cayce Town Hall. The designs were created following input from Cayce Place and CWA Plaza Apartments residents, neighbors, community members and stakeholders. Ninety-four townhome-like apartments will be built at Kirkpatrick Park. MDHA broke ground in November 2017. It is the second residential construction and the first mixed-income development of Envision Cayce.

In 2018, MDHA broke ground on two additional mixed-income residential developments for Envision Cayce.

The development under construction along South Sixth St. consists of three four-story buildings with a total of 96 units. Fifty of the apartments are reserved for current Cayce Place residents, and the remaining 46 will be a mix of workforce and market-rate. Amenities include covered parking, computer kiosks, two courtyards and a playground.

MDHA also broke ground on 101 mixed-income apartments along South Sixth St. and Lenore St. The development will feature 13 townhomes and two four-story apartment buildings. Forty-five units will house current Cayce Place residents. Amenities include covered parking, computer kiosks, active green space, courtyards and a playground.

In July 2019, MDHA celebrated the opening of Kirkpatrick Park Apartments with a grand opening and open house. This is Envision Cayce’s second residential construction and first mixed-income development.

A month later, MDHA broke ground on Red Oak Flats, Envision Cayce’s fifth residential construction and fourth mixed-income development. Red Oak Flats is a four-story apartment building and features 102 apartments, with 45 set aside for Cayce Place residents. Amenities include covered parking, a computer room, a large courtyard and a playground.

Please refer to the section below for more detailed information about the Cayce Transformation’s latest developments.