Redevelopment Districts

Nashville’s redevelopment districts are established to ensure the use and long-term viability of the urban areas that they encompass.

In keeping with its mission, MDHA’s administration of the districts aims to strategically reverse disinvestment and blight and promote redevelopment that is sustainable from economic, environmental, aesthetic, public safety, and historic preservationist perspectives.

Although specific goals differ across districts, all include strategies for achieving vibrant mixes of land use, income levels, and modes of transportation.

2021 Redevelopment District Map
2021 Redevelopment District Map

Design Review Committee

For each redevelopment district, the Design Review Committee follows a set of basic principles to determine the appropriateness of a development project. For some redevelopment districts, guidelines have been adopted that are tailored to foster particular architectural forms and development patterns in some of Nashville’s urban neighborhoods.

Redevelopment Districts

Arts Center

Established in 1998 for redevelopment activities along portions of Demonbreun Street and the Gulch. Completed in 2028.

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Established in 2015 for redevelopment activities near County Hospital Road in Bordeaux. Completed in 2045.


Capitol Hill

Established in 1952. Ensures appropriate development in the area surrounding the Tennessee State Capitol. Automatically renews every 10 years.

Capitol Mall

Established in 1978 for redevelopment activities in downtown Nashville. Completed in 2030.

Cayce Place

Established in 2015 for redevelopment activities with Envision Cayce. Completed in 2045.

Central State

Established in 1999, contains property located in proximity to the Nashville International Airport. Completed in 2039.

East Bank Redevelopment District

Established in 1996 for redevelopment activities on the East Bank of the Cumberland River. Runs through 2025.

Five Points Redevelopment District

Established in 1991 for redevelopment activities in the Five Points neighborhood. Expired 12/31/2020.

Jefferson Street Redevelopment District

Established in 2005 for redevelopment activities along portions of Jefferson Street. Completed in 2035.

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Phillips Jackson Redevelopment District

Established in 1993 for redevelopment activities in several neighborhoods to the north of downtown Nashville. Completed in 2045.

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Rutledge Hill Redevelopment District
Skyline Redevelopment District

Established in 2007 for redevelopment activities along portions of Dickerson Pike. Runs through 2037.

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