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envision-cayce-townhall-08102017Click here to view the Envision Cayce Master Plan.

 “Envision Cayce”, a planning process focused on creating a master plan for revitalizing Cayce Place, began in March of 2013.  EJP Consulting Group, MDHA leadership, community partners and Cayce residents have been engaged in a series of meetings to create this master concept plan. EJP was charged with assisting the Agency in defining rational project boundaries, developing the overall master plan, applying national best practices and models for mixed-finance redevelopment projects, establishing manageable phases for the revitalization, managing the resident/community outreach process and identifying financial resources and strategies.

The plan calls for a 1-for-1 replacement of the 716 public housing units currently at Cayce.  Focus groups, surveys, and community meetings have been held with residents as well as the broader public to ensure that the plan reflects the needs of the community.

On March 14, 2013 the kick-off round of meetings were held to lay out the process going forward and answer questions. MDHA hosted a morning CAG (Community Advisory Group) meeting, a mid-day resident-focused meeting, and an evening meeting that was open to the public. About 50 residents attended the informational resident meeting at Martha O’Bryan and 200 residents and members of the community attended the evening meeting. Both meetings held a period for Q&A and general comments. 

On May 6, 2013 a public “charette”/workshop was held at Kirkpatrick Elementary school followed by a CAG meeting the following morning. The design charette allowed community members to give their input on what a future Cayce may look like. The plans generated at the charette informed the first drafts of the master plan.

On May 10, 2013 a letter was delivered to every household in Cayce announcing the survey effort that would take place in May/June. Over a four week period stretching from May-June, a survey was administered by 6 trained surveyors, 3 of which were MDHA residents. The door-to-door survey effort was completed with an impressive 77% response rate from Cayce residents (554 out of 716 households).

On June 26th, 2013 MDHA held a CAG meeting and a resident focus group to review preliminary drafts of the three plans that emerged from the Charette/workshop.  The 170 residents who responded “yes” to the survey question, “Would you be interested in serving on a focus group?” received an invitation to the meeting.

The 3rd public meeting took place on August 28, 2013 where EJP presented a preferred vision of combining three schematic plans that came out of the public workshop session into one “scalable” master plan. The master plan intends to be “scalable” in that if more adjacent property comes into play, there will be a plan to guide that development. On the other hand, there will be at minimum a working plan to guide only MDHA-owned land. However, the consultant team has reiterated that it is preferable that the plan encompass a footprint larger than just what land MDHA owns.

On July 1st 2014, a final public meeting was held at Martha O’Bryan to present the final recommendations from the consultant team. Special thanks to our partners at the Martha O’Bryan Center for opening your doors, Councilman Westerholm, MDHA staff, and all Cayce residents and community members for your thoughtful and diligent work on the plan and enthusiastic participation in the process.

On this webpage, you can find meeting notices, advisories, minutes, and presentation slides from the past meetings as well as a copy of the final report. Please stay tuned to this page for any upcoming news or notices.

Envision Cayce Facts
August 11, 2016 Letter to The Tennessean

Announcements and Media Advisories

Media Advisory Public Meeting August 13
Envision Cayce Holds Public Design Charrette May 6
Community Advisory Group for Envision Cayce to Meet May 7
Cayce Place Resident Survey Letter
Envision Cayce Community Advisory Group to Hold Meeting at MDHA – June 26th

Past Meeting Minutes

Summary of Ideas from Envision Cayce Design Charrette – By Table
Envision Cayce Community Advisory Group (CAG) Meeting
Envision Cayce Community Advisory Group (CAG) Meeting #1
Envision Cayce Public Community Meeting #1
Envision Cayce Resident Meeting #1

Past Meeting Presentations

May 19, 2016 Town Hall
April 14, 2016 Town Hall
March 10, 2016 Town Hall
May 18, 2015 Town Hall
Draft Recommendations, August 2013
See the Cayce Community Meeting Slides
Envision Cayce Meeting Slides from May 6th Charette
July 1st Final Public Meeting Presentation

Other Resources

Section 3 requirements page
Survey Summary and Data Tables

Latest News

First New Construction of Envision Cayce to Open This Summer

Mayor Barry attends the ribbon cutting and open house for the first residential construction of Envision Cayce. Planning began four years ago with residents, community members and stakeholders. This project is the first public housing in Davidson County in 18 years. It features 70 one-bedroom subsidized units.
Mayor Barry attends the ribbon cutting and open house for the first residential construction of Envision Cayce. Planning began four years ago with residents, community members and stakeholders. This project is the first public housing in Davidson County in 18 years. It features 70 one-bedroom subsidized units.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, state and local officials, community members and public housing residents joined MDHA on June 14 for a ribbon cutting and open house at Barrett Manor. This new, 70 one-bedroom building is the first new addition of public housing in Davidson County in 18 years and the first new residential building of Envision Cayce.

Current Cayce Place residents will begin moving into the building this summer.

Kirkpatrick Park


Staff from Smith Gee Studio unveiled the final designs for Kirkpatrick Park at the Jan. 26, 2017 Envision Cayce Town Hall. Ninety-four townhome-like apartments will be built on the site. MDHA expects to break ground in late 2017.

The designs were created following input from Cayce Place and CWA Plaza Apartments residents, neighbors and community members.

Click here to view the Jan. 26, 2017 Presentation