1. Approval of MDHA Board of Commissioners Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy.


MDHA has had a history of ethical and conscientious Commissioners and we are not aware of any instance where a Commissioner acted other than in the best interests of the agency. Staff and Legal Counsel believe it is “best practice” to have a written ethics policy for the MDHA Board of Commissioners. Board review and approval of the draft Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy is requested.



  1. Approval of award of HOME funds for Affordable Housing Development.

In December 2018, MDHA issued a Request for Applications (RFA) for nonprofit and for-profit developers to apply for HOME funds to build new affordable housing. The Application Review Committee is recommending funding awards to Woodbine Community Organization for 20 rental units; Be a Helping Hand for 3 rental units; and Habitat for Humanity for 4 new homebuyer units at the Park Preserve Subdivision.  The total funds being awarded is $2,540,218.00.  Board approval is requested.



  1. Approval of Transfer of Property at Rolling Mill Hill for the Nashville School of the Arts.


The Metropolitan Government is purchasing the former State School of the Blind site from the State for the construction of the new Nashville School of the Arts (NSA) and has requested MDHA to transfer the adjacent 1.8 acre site in Rolling Mill Hill to combine with the 2.6 acres they are purchasing. The Assessor has the appraised value of Site A at $9,397,300. While the intent of the Rolling Mill Hill Masterplan was to construct residential units on this property, the Rutledge Hill Redevelopment Plan also allows public uses.  The Board is requested to approve the transfer the Rolling Mill Hill Site A at no cost to the Metropolitan Government, authorize the Executive Director to execute any and all documents and approve a change of use to the Rolling Mill Hill Masterplan to allow the property to be used for a school.

Published On: May 10, 2019