8a.       Bifurcation of Cayce Housing Assistance Payments Contract – Red Oak Flats.

As coordinated with HUD, MDHA will need to enter into agreement with HUD to split the Cayce Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract and transfer PBRA assistance from Cayce to Red Oak Flats (45 project-based rental assistance units).The result of such split is two HAP contracts—one for Cayce and one for Red Oak Flats—both which adopt the existing terms of the original Cayce HAP Contract, except for minor amendments to the subsection on Owner’s Warranties and Replacement Reserves.


8b.      Contract Award for Cayce Utility Phase 1A.

            Board approval is requested to allow the Interim Executive Director to execute contract documents with Charles Deweese Construction, Inc. in the amount of $2,606,884.00 for the construction of the Cayce Utility Phase 1A project.  This project will provide the installation of new water, sanitary, and storm infrastructure for the recapitalization projects for the southern half of the Envision Cayce Master Plan.  This project is critical to allow construction to continue.

Published On: December 2, 2020