5a.    Property Easement – 715 Commerce Street 

It is requested that the Board of Commissioners approve a 99-year easement across a narrow seven-foot strip of land owned by MDHA since 1983 to widen the road, allowing the project to activate a street presence on Commerce, and also authorize the Executive Director to execute all necessary documents to effectuate the contemplated transaction in exchange for the one-time payment of $285,000.

5b.    Cayce Utility Phase 1B Award to General Contractor

Board approval is requested to allow the Executive Director, or his designee, to award to, and execute all contract documents with, Cleary Construction, Inc. in the amount of $4,833,071.00 as General Contractor for Construction of Cayce Utility Phase 1B. In accordance with MDHA’s procurement policy all contracts over $1,000,000 in value require the approval of MDHA’s Board of Commissioners.  Cayce Utility Phase 1B is the continuation of water, sanitary, and storm utilities serving the new construction at MDHA’s Cayce neighborhood.  Two bids were received, Cleary being the lowest responsible bid.

6a.    Human Resource s Policy Manual

Board approval is requested to approve the updated Human Resources Policy Manual.  The Human Resources Committee has reviewed and requested changes to the policies.  All Committee requested changes and updates have been made to the policies.

Published On: December 9, 2022