8. Approval of Indefinite Delivery Architectural & Engineering Firms.

Proposals were received from 15 Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Firms to provide Indefinite Delivery Contracts. After review 14 firms have been selected. The 14 responsive firms will be notified they will be in our Indefinite Delivery pool of firms. Contracts will be executed in accordance with each specific service as needed over the next five (5) years. Fees will not exceed $2,000,000 per firm annually. With the exception of Hurst-Rosche, Inc., Southeast Venture, and STG Design, all firms have previous experience with MDHA. The firms were selected from a Request for Qualifications and are pre-qualified for work with MDHA. Individual A&E fees will be negotiated on a project by project basis from this pool of pre-qualified firms.


  1. Approval of Award of Project Based Vouchers to Lebanon Road Senior Living, LP.

Lebanon Road Senior Living, LP has submitted a proposal for the award of project-based vouchers at Sycamores Terrace Senior Living Apartments located at 1427 Lebanon Road, Nashville, TN 37210. There are 128 existing units – 104 one-bedroom units and 24 two-bedroom units, all dedicated to seniors (62 or older).  They have applied for project-based voucher assistance for 51 PBVs, consisting of 43 one bedroom units and 8 two bedroom units.  The proposal meets the requirements of the RFP for Project Based Vouchers and Board approval is requested.

  1. Approval to Increase Project Based Voucher Program Cap.

The Board has previously authorized the conversion of up to 900 of MDHA’s tenant-based vouchers to project-based vouchers. MDHA accepted applications in response to an open Request for Proposals through August 31, 2018. To date, 878 of the 900 PBVs have been awarded.  Because MDHA continues to receive inquiries from owners and developers wishing to apply for the PBVs, we are requesting Board approval to expand the PBV program cap to 1400.




Published On: March 29, 2019