The state reached out to MDHA two weeks ago about partnering to provide voluntary, free COVID-19 testing to our residents. At that time, we had already partnered with Council Lady Sharon Hurt, Jerry Maynard and other partners to offer voluntary, free testing at our tower properties, which house persons 62 and older and persons who have a disability. Our goal was to eventually offer voluntary testing at all of our more than 20 properties because we had residents requesting testing in their neighborhoods because they couldn’t get to testing sites due to a lack of transportation, but it would’ve taken quite to some time to reach all properties. The state’s efforts will allow us to offer voluntary, free testing on-site at 14 properties in just two days. We would like to thank all of the Resident Association presidents for their unanimous support of the voluntary testing, and we encourage residents who want to get tested to take advantage of this opportunity in their community.