kirkpatrickgb-3251Mayor Megan Barry and representatives from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) joined MDHA Wednesday morning for a groundbreaking ceremony for Envision Cayce’s second residential construction and first mixed-income development at Kirkpatrick Park. Ninety-four townhome-like apartments will be built on-site.

“MDHA’s Envision Cayce plan is in line with HUD’s vision,” said HUD Regional Administrator Denise Cleveland-Leggett. “I’ve seen a mixed-income community change the trajectory of people, especially children. This development is a step in the right direction.”

The development, which is being constructed by RG Anderson, is being supported with a HUD insured loan, HOME funding and funding from the Metro Capital Improvements budget.

“We have to do everything we can to fund, build, preserve and retain housing options,” said Mayor Megan Barry. “And we need to support options that encourage people of different income levels to live in the same place.”

kirkpatrick-view-green-streetThe 94 units will house families of all incomes: subsidized, workforce and market-rate. All units will have market-rate amenities and enhanced security features including video doorbell, which allows the homeowner to see who is at their door from their cell phone. The features and exterior design were created by Smith Gee Studio and were based on feedback from Cayce residents, neighbors, community members and stakeholders.

District 6 Councilman Brett Withers said the design looks like East Nashville.

“Not only do the building designs complement the surrounding context, but also the plan of creating a community where people from all races, backgrounds and economic levels can live, work and play together exemplifies the East Nashville ethos.”

All of the subsidized units at Kirkpatrick Park will house current Cayce Place residents, many of whom have been instrumental in the Envision Cayce process.

kirkpatrickgb-3201“Our goal is to create more than housing. It’s to create a community, and that starts with our current residents,” said MDHA Executive Director Jim Harbison. “Thank you for your unwavering support of this project.”

A land swap with Metro Parks for nine acres at Kirkpatrick Park not only makes the development possible, but it allows MDHA to build on vacant land first and relocate residents from the current Cayce units to new Cayce. Upon completion of Envision Cayce, MDHA will return 11 acres of green space to Metro Parks.

“We know that the new park will serve as the heart of this neighborhood and continue to provide the recreation and re-creation of individuals and communities,” said Parks Director Monique Odom.

The new construction is part of MDHA’s plan to rebuild Cayce Place, Nashville’s largest public housing property, which is currently home to nearly 800 families. The Envision Cayce Master Plan calls for more than 2,000 units and ensures a one-for-one replacement of the subsidized units while adding new affordable, workforce and market-rate units.

MDHA broke ground on the first new residential construction of Envision Cayce in 2015. Current Cayce residents began moving into the 70 one-bedroom development on Summer Place in August.

MDHA plans to break ground on the third residential construction of Envision Cayce in early 2018. The project, which will be built along South Sixth St., consists of three buildings with a total of 96 mixed-income units.