5a.   HOME Investment Partnership Program Awards

The HOME Investment Partnership program (HOME), the largest federal block grant to local governments, is designed to create affordable housing opportunities for low-income households. The 2023-28 Consolidated Plan for Nashville-Davidson County prioritizes using HOME funds to create new affordable housing units for homeownership and rental. MDHA made $4,725,219.31 available for rental and homeownership development through a Request for Application (RFA) in late 2023, which was widely advertised in The Tennessean, The Tennessee Tribune, and Azul615 and announced through the Community Development Department’s email database to 6,239 stakeholders.  

Four (4) development entities applied for funds. MDHA staff thoroughly reviewed each application to ensure it met all threshold requirements. Additionally, an independent review committee appointed by MDHA’s Executive Director evaluated the applications in accordance with the criteria outlined in the RFA. Based on these reviews, the Board of Commissioners is requested to approve the award of HOME funds, which will facilitate the development of 612 units (60 HOME-assisted) of new affordable rental housing and 20 units of new affordable homeownership housing.

5b.  Rutledge Hill Redevelopment Plan Amendment

Jacob Kupin whose downtown district 19 includes all of Rutledge Hill has introduced legislation to amend land uses of two parcels of land on Lindsley Avenue that back up to Interstate 40 to permit automotive sales under specific conditions. All required notices were given, and a public hearing was held on June 4 at Metro Council where no members of the public spoke against the proposal.

Amendment 8 to the Rutledge Hill Redevelopment Plan has now passed first and second reading at Council. Under recent changes to the plans, an amendment initiated by Council must be approved by the MDHA Board of Commissioners prior to third and final reading in council at which time the amendment would become effective.

6a. PHA Annual & 5-year Plan

MDHA requests that the Board of Commissioners adopt the final attached resolutions: (1) approving the Plans and certifying compliance with the regulations relating to the development, submission, and implementation of the Plans, and (2) providing an Annual Civil Rights Certification and Resolution.

Published On: June 7, 2024