1. Report on the JP Morgan/Chase Bank Debt Obligation.

Report on the $16,000,000 JP Morgan/Chase Bank tax-exempt multi-family revenue bond that was used to fund a portion of development costs of the Randee Rogers Apartments on Rosa Parks Blvd. A copy of the report will be filed with the Office of the Comptroller. Disclosure to the Board at a public meeting is required under TCA 9-21-151. No action is required of the Board at this time.


  1. Approval of Tuition Assistance Policy.

MDHA is proposing to implement a Tuition Assistance benefit for the agency employees. This benefit program will provide assistance to the agency staff in obtaining or completing a college/technical degree or certification to enhance their career opportunity within the agency.  Board approval is requested to fund and implement the program.


  1. Approval of 410 Marina Street Access Construction Easement.

Foster Street Partners has request a permanent access easement of 9,415 SF across MDHA owned property at 410 Marina Street. The thirty foot wide easement will allow vehicles to access 515 Marina Street via a bridge to be constructed over the adjoining CSX rail line.  This new access will alleviate traffic flow along Foster Street and permit the redevelopment of this industrial manufacturing building into a mixed use development.  An additional 8,380 SF temporary construction easement necessary to build the access drive.  Board approval is requested.  All proceeds from the sale become program income for CDBG.


  1. Approval of Contract Award for Central Maintenance Facility.

For construction of a 12,900 square foot maintenance building to house the Carpentry, HCAC, Plumbing, Pesticide and Vehicle service shops. This building is needed due to the demolition of the Randee Rogers Training Center which housed many of these activities and the relocation of services from Cayce Place.  Three bids were received with Baron Construction, LLC submitting the lowest responsive bid at two million five hundred and seventeen thousand dollars ($2,517,000.00).

Published On: January 10, 2020