MDHA hosted a graduation ceremony in honor of the latest graduates of MDHA’s Financial Freedom Workshop and Homebuyers Club on June 20, 2023.

“These cohorts were especially motivated to put the pieces together and set the groundwork for financial freedom and ultimately homeownership,” said Envision Center Senior Navigator Sheronda Wilson. “Their enthusiasm was invigorating, and I am excited to see them achieve their goals!”

The Financial Freedom Workshop teaches participants the tools of becoming successful and self-sufficient by achieving financial freedom. Once a participant completes the Financial Freedom Workshop, they can enroll in the Homebuyers Club, which assists participants on their path toward homeownership.

Both courses are offered for free virtually through MDHA’s Envision Center thanks to many partners, including a partnership between MDHA and Woodbine Community Organization.

Interested in the Financial Freedom Workshop?

Sign-ups are now being accepted for the waiting list for the cohort beginning in January 2024.