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To avoid any confusion over which property to use, please match your property code from your online payments letter to the property code listed below.
Your property code can be found at the top of the letter to the right of your name and address.

The following MDHA properties are now accepting online payments.

Click on the property link below to get started.

Property NameRentcafe Resident Property Link
Andrew Jackson Courts (0412)Pay Online
Cayce Place (0101) also known as Boscobel HeightsPay Online
Carleen Batson Waller Manor (0828)Pay Online
Cheatham Place (0511)Pay Online
Cumberland View (0516)Pay Online
CWA Plaza Apartments I & II (5015 & 5016)Pay Online
Edgefield Manor (0613)Pay Online
Edgehill Apartments (0303)Pay Online
Gernert Studio Apartments (0314)Pay Online
Hadley Park Towers (0819)Pay Online
J. Henry Hale Apartments (0443)Pay Online
J. Henry Hale Apartments Market-Rate (0455) also known as John Henry Hale Homes MarketPay Online
Levy Place Market-Rate (0954) also known as Levy PlacePay Online
Levy Place (0942) also known as Levy Place LLCPay Online
Madison Towers (0720)Pay Online
Napier Place (0202)Pay Online
Neighborhood Housing (1025)Pay Online
Parkway Terrace (0922)Pay Online
Parthenon Towers (0821)Pay Online
Historic Preston Taylor Apartments (1338, 1339, 1440, 1947, 1949) also known as:
Preston Taylor Homes I 1338, Preston Taylor Homes II 1339, Preston Taylor Scattered Sites,
Preston Taylor Homes I 1947, and Preston Taylor Homes II 1949
Pay Online
Sudekum Apartments (0205)Pay Online
Vine Hill Apartments (1237)Pay Online
Vine Hill Apartments Market-Rate (1251) also known as Vine Hill Homes LLCPay Online
Vine Hill Studio Apartments (1124)Pay Online