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  • CoC General Meeting Rescheduled

    ATTENTION: CoC General Meeting rescheduled: Thursday, January 25 2018, 10:00-11:00 Randee Rogers Training Center 1419 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. Nashville, TN 37208  ...

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The Continuum of Care of Nashville-Davidson County (CoC), consists of community partners dedicated to ending homelessness in Nashville. This Charter sets out the composition, roles, responsibilities, and committee structure of the Nashville-Davidson County Continuum of Care (CoC), whose jurisdiction includes Nashville and Davidson County.

Nashville, Davidson County, TN Governance Charter, 2017 version

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The Nashville CoC Governance Board ensures orderly operations of the Nashville CoC. The Governance Board shall have the power to act on behalf of, and in the best interest of, the Nashville CoC. The Governance Board shall conduct the business of the Nashville CoC. Board members are elected to term by the CoC General Membership body.

-Nashville, Davidson County, TN CoC Governance Charter, 2017 version


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The CoC will designate a Collaborative Applicant annually. This will be done by a full membership vote of the CoC. The Collaborative Applicant is responsible for facilitating the community response to the annual Continuum of Care (CoC) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and providing all other operational, staffing, and administrative support for the CoC.

Nashville, Davidson County, TN Governance Charter, 2017 version

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Since Fall 2016, Nashville, Davidson County, TN has been receiving technical assistance from a technical assistance provider, Cloudburst. For materials, presentations, community involvement or timelines, please visit the link above.

Nashville, Davidson County, TN Governance Charter, 2017 version

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Each year, the MDHA leads the HUD required Point-In-Time (PIT) count for Nashville, Davidson County, TN.  The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is an annually conducted count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons on a single night in January carried out by the local body.

Nashville, Davidson County, TN Governance Charter, 2017 version

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The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is the Nashville-Davidson County, TN CoC’s primary database used to collect data on homelessness.

Nashville, Davidson County, TN HMIS Policies and Procedure Manual, version 2017 (currently under review)

To learn more about the Continuum of Care, HMIS or how to join a committee, please contact CoC Support Staff below:

Suzie Tolmie
CoC Homeless Coordinator
Phone: 615.252.8574

Mandy Wood
HMIS Administrator and Data Analyst
Phone: 615.252.8545