Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency | MDHA COMMUNITIES
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This is for persons who want to live at a traditional, family property that has no special qualifications. MDHA’s family properties are:

  • Cayce Place
  • Napier Place
  • Edgehill Apartments
  • Sudekum Apartments
  • Cheatham Place
  • Andrew Jackson Courts
  • Cumberland View
  • Neighborhood Housing (Scattered Sites)


This is for persons who want to live at a family property that has special qualifications. Applicants generally must have at least $10,400 in annual income, and they must qualify for and pay their own utilities. MDHA’s contemporary properties are:

  • Vine Hill Apartments
  • Historic Preston Taylor Apartments
  • Levy Place
  • J. Henry Hale Apartments
  • Parkway Terrace

Market Rate

This is for the residents with the highest incomes. Persons who are over-income for the family and contemporary properties must apply as market. Market renters pay the highest rents and must qualify for and pay their own utilities. Market rents are not reduced when there is a loss of income. Market renters are not subject to all of the reporting and other HUD requirements as the other property types. MDHA’s market units are located in:

  • Vine Hill Apartments
  • Historic Preston Taylor Apartments
  • Levy Place
  • J. Henry Hale Apartments


This is for persons 62 years of age or older. MDHA’s elderly-only properties are:

  • Edgefield Manor
  • Carleen Batson Waller Manor
  • Gernert Studio Apartments


This is for persons who are disabled, or who are 62 years of age or older. MDHA’s elderly and disabled properties are:

  • Hadley Park Towers
  • Madison Towers
  • Parthenon Towers
  • Vine Hill Studio Apartments

The Asset Management Department is responsible for the administration and normal routine maintenance of the Agency’s public housing properties, including scattered sites. Through these programs, MDHA operates over 5,500 units of affordable housing, providing and maintaining housing for approximately 14,000 persons.

The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, disability, or any other legally protected status in admission to, access to, or operations of MDHA programs, services, or activities. If you need assistance with language interpretation or other accommodation or service, please call (615) 252-8599. For other questions call (615) 252-8464.


From improving energy efficiency to renovating high-rise properties, MDHA’s decades long commitment to reinventing community-owned housing continues to move forward. Major renovations are complete at Gernert Studio Apartments, Parkway Terrace, Madison Towers, Parthenon Towers, Edgefield Manor, Hadley Park Towers and Vine Hill Studio Apartments. MDHA has also completed Hope VI renovation projects at four properties, J. Henry Hale Apartments, Levy Place, Historic Preston Taylor Apartments and Vine Hill Apartments. Upgrades and other renovations at Carleen Batson Waller Manor and Napier Place are also complete. Neighborhood Housing is undergoing renovations.


Twice recognized as one of the most eco-friendly businesses in Middle Tennessee*, MDHA is using sustainable solutions in a number of ways. From solar energy to high efficiency heating and cooling, MDHA residents enjoy greater comfort and the agency sees lower energy costs.