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Rental Assistance Voucher Program



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The Rental Assistance Department administers the Housing Choice Voucher and Moderate Rehabilitation Programs, federally funded rent supplement programs designed to help families find decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market and to help those families with the cost of rent and utilities.

MDHA is not accepting applications for Section 8 housing choice voucher assistance at this time.

Under these programs the family pays between 30-40 percent of its adjusted income or a minimum of $50.00 per month for rent and utilities. MDHA pays the difference. The private owner and renter both benefit. The owner receives fair market rent for his/her property, and the family gets a decent, affordable place to live.

Property in this program must meet Nashville and HUD quality standards. Participating dwelling units must pass a Housing Quality Standards inspection conducted by the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency. The Rental Assistance office executes the Housing Assistance Payments Contract, provides assistance to qualified families, meets with prospective owners program for homeless individuals, and 230 units through the Shelter Plus Care Program, a program targeted to homeless individuals and families with disabilities, for a total of 6,140 units administered by the Rental Assistance Department.

Other special programs include the Family Unification Program, where Rental Assistance is given to those families who have had or are facing their children removed from the home where lack of suitable housing is the primary reason for the removal of the children; and the Family Self-Sufficiency program, where participants are linked to services with the goal of becoming free of all governmental assistance.

In 2000, MDHA was one of three Housing Agencies in the country selected to implement a demonstration program for Section 8 to Homeownership. Assistance for qualified families is made to a lender to assist the family with their mortgage payment. Since October 2000, more than 140 families have closed on the purchase of a home...