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CoC Competition Materials: FY2016

FY2016 HUD CoC Local Competition Resources


*Please note that only those with a registered username and password can access these applications on HUD’s portal. In addition, this is limited to users at funded agencies. For more information regarding this or instructions on how to get a username and password (must be a funded agency or be applying for new funds) please contact Suzie Tolmie at the information below.

2016 Competition Timeline (July-Sep)


UPDATED New Project Applications_PLEASE USE THIS ONE!

Performance Evaluation Committee Summary

PEC Conflict of Interest Forms

Updated 07.28.2016: FY2016 PEC Nominations List

Appeals Process 

HUD National Deadline: The FY 2016 CoC Program Competition  will close September 14, 2016 at 7:59:59 PM EDT.

Local-Renewal Project Application Deadline: 08.05.2016 by 12:00 pm

Local-New Project Application Deadline: 08.12.2016 by 4:00 pm

For questions or comments, please contact MDHA staff listed below:

Suzie Tolmie, CoC Homeless Coordinator,, p.615.252.8574

Amanda Wood, HMIS Systems Administrator,, p. 615.252.8545

FY2016 Competition: Timeline and Reallocation Process

FY2016: Public Postings of Submissions & Competition Highlights

Click Here: FY2016 Competition Final Priority Ranking

Click Here: FY2016 TN504 Final Collaborative Application Submission

MDHA applied on behalf of the Nashville, Davidson County, TN in HUD’s annual CoC Competition. This year marked a significant pivot in targeting resources and aligning with HUD priorities. The total funding request is $3,396,157.00 and includes 22 unique projects throughout the county.

If awarded all of the requested funds, it would help fund the following interventions:


426 Units of Permanent Housing for households experiencing homelessness

87 Transitional Beds for Individuals and Families experiencing homelessness

HMIS Staff to administer city-wide data collection and coordination processes

CoC Staff to administer the planning activities to complete the city’s collaborative application

New Inventory!

44 Rapid Re-Housing Permanent Housing Beds

8 Permanent Supportive Beds for the most Chronic

NEW-Constructing 8 Permanent Supportive Beds for the most Chronic and Vulnerable single households

4 Staff to support over 600 Households through Outreach and Coordinated Entry Processes

2016 Nashville Competition Highlights!-

(3) Newly reallocated projects including a new CES funded project!

HMIS ranked #1 for the first time EVER in Nashville’s Process!

(3) Priority focused Bonus Projects: Youth, Families and Chronic!

Nashville’s CES for Families is producing data around length of time it takes to rehouse families. (Thank you to all the partners working on this effort!)

Data Quality in HMIS at 98% for all participating projects!

Strategic Planning efforts involving stakeholders expanded narrative around community planning efforts!

Veteran Homelessness is down 60% from our 2010 PIT Count to 2016!

Family Homelessness is down 13% from our 2015 to 2016 PIT Count!

Dedicated Chronic Beds in CoC Funded PSH projects increased by 223%!

Our System Performance for HMIS Contributing Programs (approximately 50% coverage rates)

88% of households in Permanent Housing remained stably housed or exited to other permanent housing locations!-This is great.

45% of adults increased their total income while still in the program at the end of the reporting year

51% of adults increased their total income by leaving the program at the end of the reporting year

61% exit to Permanent Housing across emergency shelter, transitional housing and rapid re-housing!

Date of Posting: 09/09/2016

FY2016: Project Appeals Information

FY2016 Appeals Timeline

New & Renewal Project Appeals Deadline: Tuesday September 6 2016 at 12:00 pm

Special Called Governance & CoC General Membership Meeting: Wednesday September 7 2016 from 12:00 to 2 :30

  • Appeals Discussion held with both bodiesAppeals Hearings: Thursday September 8 2016 9:00 pm to 10:30 pmPaula Foster: Performance Evaluation Committee MemberErik Cole: Governance Board Chair
  • Dan Heim: Governance Board Member
  • Appointed Appeals Committee Members:
  • Second Opportunity for Appeal Filings: Wednesday September 7 2016 by 5:00 pm

FY2016: Additional Resources: HUD Priorities: Housing First and Coordinated Entry System

*Housing First and Coordinated Entry Systems Resources*

Housing First Checklist-USICH

Housing First Fact Sheet_NAEH

HUD: Coordinated Entry Policy Brief

*Additional Competition Resources*

Supportive Resources for the CoC Program Competition

FY15 Continuum of Care NOFA Broadcast

  • HUD has not released any webinars or recordings for the FY2016 competitive process. However, please see the link below for the FY2015 Broadcast, outlining much of the same concepts found in FY2016 NOFA.

Unites States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH): Competition Highlights